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The World’s Longest Cycling Races

Daniel Sheflin

Daniel Sheflin serves as the vice president and chief technology officer of Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Outside of work, Daniel Sheflin enjoys cycling and following international cycling competitions like the Tour de France.
Many people, perhaps even most cyclists, likely believe that the Tour de France stands as the world’s longest bike race. In fact, there are four races held throughout the world with longer total distances than the annual Tour de France.
The Vuelta Sudamericana, held every two to three years, represents the most trying competition for cyclists. Although the course varies, it’s generally about 7,500 miles long, requiring cyclists to ride for roughly four months from Brazil to Ecuador.
The Tour of British Columbia, a race through Canada’s Rocky Mountains, also bests the Tour de France’s length with a total mileage of 3,169. In addition to the scenic Rockies, the race winds through several national forests and the beautiful Okanagan Valley. The Race Across America, meanwhile, extends 3,000 miles and requires all cyclists to qualify before entering.
Finally, the Tour Divide is the world’s fourth longest bike race at 2,700 miles. Notable for its challenging terrain and lack of medical and supplies support, the race takes anywhere from 18 to 36 days to complete.
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