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Minnesota’s North Star Grand Prix Invites Pro and Elite Bicyclists

Since 2001, Daniel Sheflin has worked as vice president of technology automation control solutions for Honeywell based out of Golden Valley, Minnesota. Prior to this position, he worked for five years as the general manager of engineering for General Electric in Erie, Pennsylvania. Daniel Sheflin enjoys staying active outdoors and counts bicycling as one of his favorite activities.

One racing event that took place in Minnesota during 2015 was the North Star Bicycle Festival, which drew visitors to watch the premier event: the North Star Grand Prix. The event, which took place June 17-21, occurred in the Minnesota cities of Saint Paul, Cannon Falls, Minneapolis, and Stillwater, where it finished. In its 17th year, the race drew the top pro and elite racers from across the country.

This five-day event was able to continue due to two new presenting sponsors stepping up to save this USA Cycling’s National Racing Calendar event from cancelation. North Memorial Health Care and Preferred One saved the cycling event. Other sponsors include Luther Westside Volkswagen, Voler, K’ul Chocolate, and RBC Wealth Management. Proceeds from the event benefitted Special Olympics of Minnesota.


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