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Introduction to NIST and the Smart Grid

Daniel Sheflin

Daniel Sheflin formerly served as general manager of engineering for General Electric and subsequently as vice president of technology automation and control solutions at Honeywell. While at Honeywell, Daniel Sheflin also found the time to contribute his knowledge and experience as chair of the NIST Smart Grid Federal Advisory Committee.

Founded by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to help guide the direction of the smart grid industry, the NIST Smart Grid Federal Advisory Committee also oversees activities of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel. Together these groups set industry standards and promote research in the field.

The smart grid itself consists of a modernized, national network of electricity designed to enhance security, sustainability, and efficiency. In order to achieve these goals, the smart grid employs scientific measurement practices, distributed intelligence, and bi-directional power flow and communication.

In promoting use of the smart grid, the NIST Smart Grid Federal Advisory Committee continues to focus on testing and improving reliability of the new technology. For more information about this process and various smart grid research projects in the works, visit

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