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Fat Biking - A New Trend in Off-Road Cycling

Daniel Sheflin 

Daniel Sheflin is a longtime engineering executive who guides automation control solutions with Honeywell International, where he is vice president of technology. Daniel Sheflin is also a fat biking enthusiast who enjoys riding on the beach and in the snow. Fat bikes are a cycling trend that has exploded in popularity over the past two years. 

Designed for off-road use, fat bikes feature much larger tires than mountain bikes and are ideal in single-track environments with significant terrain challenges, such as roots and steep hills. Fat bikes are generally slower than mountain bikes, but may be the fastest option in areas where there is no trail. Popular in locations with cold winters such as Colorado and New England, they are being incorporated into the mainstream competitive cycling circuit. 

In 2015, USA Cycling introduced a fat bike national championship race and regional events have been established as well. When riding his Borealis Yampa X9 in the snow, Mr. Sheflin reduces its tire pressure from 30 to 5 psi, which allows the tires to roll over virtually any obstacle, in the manner of tank treads. 

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