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Fat Bikes Great on Sand, Snow, or Rocky Terrain

Recently retired, Daniel Sheflin spent over a decade as the vice president of technology automation control solutions at Honeywell. Before that, he was the general manager of engineering at General Electric. In his spare time, Daniel Sheflin enjoys cycling, especially fat biking. 

Fat biking is a relatively new subset in the cycling genre, and until recent years, fat bikes were custom-made for riding in snow. However, the genre has become quite popular, and now fat bikes are available through several brands for use in various types of terrain. 

Fat bikes are so called because of their huge tires and wide rims, which allow cyclists to move across rocky terrain or snow without getting stuck. The tires also work with significantly less air pressure than classic bike tires, making them feel squishier and giving them a much better grip on rough terrain.

Some people do race across varied terrain on fat bikes. However, mountain bikes tend to perform better for those interested in speed, as they are lighter and take less effort to pedal. On sand or snow, however, fat bikes are powerful and fun to ride.


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